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    Nemanja's application



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    Nemanja's application

    Post  Nemanja on Wed May 18, 2011 7:25 am

    1. What is your name and where are you from?
    my name is Nemanja im from Serbia
    2. What is your age and gender?
    i am male and i have 15 years
    3. How did you hear about us?
    my friends have recommended me this guild for a long time.
    4. What is your current guild and why are you leaving?
    balkanski pravednici, there was a lot of arguing so I left...
    5. What do you, as a player, bring to our guild?
    I am a very experienced player in both pve and pvp.
    6. How long have you been playing WoW?
    1 year
    7. According to you what aspect of your class do you need to focus the most upon at the moment?
    My druid needs to gear up to icc.
    8. Are you OK with the idea that you have a 2 week trial period and if you don't prove yourself to be of value to the guild you will be kicked?
    9. Do you lead successful raids? Are you able to follow orders without arguing?
    yeah with my friends,I'm a very good team player.
    10. Do you have reliable PC? Is your Internet connection stable?
    yes to both
    11. What kind of important add-ons are you using currently?
    12. Do you have ventrilo installed on your computer? Are you comfortable with using it?
    no but if need so much i will get it
    13.If a player is annoying you repeatedly asking for something, what is your course of action?
    try to help initially, but if this person really is bothering me, i would like to talk to him and guild leader to sort things out
    14. If you get into a fight with a player from the guild, what will you do?
    i em peaceful person i just chill
    15. Have you read, understood, and agree with the guild rules?
    now about my main character.
    1. Your character name, race, class?
    Necokiller,night elf,druid,
    2. What is your character's time played? (type /played in-game)
    15 days 14 hours
    3. What you can do?
    i only use resto talents so in pvp i heal very good,and in pve i heal best i could Wink
    4. Are you willing to respec for the good of the raid? This includes fine-tuning your spec as well as changing your spec to different role, if necessary.
    5.What are your professions on this character?
    jc and mining
    6. What do you need the most?
    i just want a good guild to raid with and have fun with everybody! Smile

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