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    foxidk application



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    foxidk application

    Post  Mirius on Thu May 19, 2011 11:14 am

    hi i did see the questions and i think i have my own style if that is okey :

    1.) What is your main character's name, class, and level? Please provide a screenshot of your character info tab and raid UI.
    name:Foxidk >>>>>Class:DeathKnight >>>>> Level : 80
    2.) How old are you, where do you live?
    i am 17 & live in algeria
    3.) How did you hear about Noir? Why are you interested in joining?
    i did hear about it from global and my friends
    4.) What gear/talent build(s) do you use?
    i am working to get warthfull now so i am using pvp itmes and talent & want help and get help by other ppl in PVE
    5.) Do you use keybinds for frequently used spells and abilities or do you click them?
    i use bothe for good control
    6.) What guilds have you been in previously? Why did you leave?
    i was in Fro and leave because they start to be unhelpfull guild and lock about gs more then mind
    7.) Answer the following in detail:

    How experienced of a raider are you?
    i am in the 5 year of wow and the 2nd year of DK

    What are your duties in a raid?
    that's relate about my rank in the raid
    List the stats that are most important to your class/spec(s) in order of priority. "Example. Stat 1 > Stat 2 > Stat 3 > etc" All DPS Classes start with this on stat priority, if you fail to mention this stat, you have a bigger chance for denial
    If you are a DPS, tell us your DPS rotation (or priority list) "Example. Skill 1 > Skill 2 > Skill 3 > etc" and a Screenshot with your DPS on the Heroic Training Dummy.
    i am using Icy Touch > Plague Strike > Heart Strike > Death Strike (if i am in a boss i use Hysteria first )
    when i use Hysteria i have 7.9k to 9.1k on the Training Dummy and if i am on a raid 25 i will have 9k to 11k with out Hysteria
    If you are a tank, list bosses you have successfully tanked and your optimal threat rotation "Example. Skill 1 > Skill 2 > Skill 3 > etc".
    i am just dps and didn't try to tank any thing
    If you are a healer, list the skills most important to your role.
    i am very good healer xD ( I am a DK ! )
    8.) Tell us a bit about yourself. We'd like to know things like hobbies, courses, motivations, interests, etc.
    i like swiming and football and some smart game
    9.) How will you contribute to this guild? Why should we accept you?
    i love playing wow with pro ppls and i like to help them 2 & i think i am gona be a good addition to this guild
    10.) Are you able to use Ventrilo? Note: No microphone needed, as long as you are able to listen, but it is a plus.
    why not ? i have microphone 2 if i was a leader
    11.) If you have any alts, please list their name(s), level(s), and class(es).
    i like to play with one claas for more xp and be pro
    12.) Do you understand the rules and agree to follow them?
    yes i do
    13.) Write a detailed summary of our DKP loot system in your own words.
    DKP it's a system in place of luck of using /roll . u start with 0 DKP and it's depends on killing or time and u only get it from joining Officer raids . nd it's working with 5 so if someone bid with 10 u bid with 15
    14.) If you're doing a PuG raid and you see someone exploiting a bannable bug, what do you do?
    i will tell the leader and if he enjoy with it i will report hem to a gm who will be very happy to ban hem
    15.) What timezone are you in? How often do you play? (example: "-5 GMT; I usually play for 3 hours weekdays and 6 hours weekends")
    i play for 3h a day mini and in the WE i play 6-8h and the realm time is +2h from my local time
    i hope that i did answer all the questions
    & next time when we chat that is gona be in the guild chat

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